Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

I side with the neighbors


If this dog is allowed to return to the neighborhood, it’s time for the city to consider a vicious dog ordinance.

7 year old Sugar is quarantined at H.A.W.S.,  flagged as a danger.

Police say Sugar and another family dog mauled their owner and a neighbor who tried to save her.

Now neighbors are fighting to keep the dog from returning home.

“I think in their situation, they don’t have a choice,” said Schutta.

She’s not alone in her concerns. Numerous neighbors have called the police and city leaders, asking for their help.

Neighbors say the dog has been able to get over the fence of it’s owners yard before and they fear it will happen again.

Police had a report of the dog chasing a kid earlier in June.

Neighbors say the risk, just isn’t worth it.

“It was a couple weeks ago, he broke through the fence and attacked another golden retriever,” said Brian Salava, a neighbor just a few houses away.

“Who knows what can happen and I don’t want to find out,” said Schutta.

Alderwoman Kathleen Cummings is checking into what the city’s options are in controlling sugar’s fate.

She too is confident, the dog shouldn’t be in the neighborhood.

“We’re not talking about just a nip or an accident or something that can be explained. This was an attack,” said Cummings. “It’s my hope the dog won’t return to the neighborhood.”

As a dog lover, I understand why someone might be reluctant to give up a pet, but this animal should be put down. The owner’s stupidity should not be sufficient cause to endanger the neighborhood. It’s not a pet, it’s another tragedy waiting to happen.

This dog has already attacked the owner and a neighbor. You would think one Flight for Life trip would be enough. Don’t bring the animal home. Put it down. Now.

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