Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

If my head was any bigger I could be a North Korean dictator


State Senator Mary Lazich’s staffer, Journal Sentinel blogger, and WISN fill-in Kevin Fischer goes off the deep end. At least he used a good picture. I could have a contest to determine what is the point of his blog post, but I’m betting it would be a contest without winners. I’m guessing one of three things happened:
1) Someone put ketchup on his bratwurst.
2) He was trapped in a car with Jeff Wood, with THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP.
3) He did research on St Patrick’s Day early.

(Yeah, a bigger man would have let it pass without comment, but how many people are bigger than me?)

Anyway, I’m sure he meant it to be humorous, whatever it meant.

In other Lazich staffer blogger news, Lance Burri asks who is the bigger nerd, me or Owen Robinson?


Owen’s taller.

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