Monday, November 20th, 2017

Independent Neumann


Candidate for governor Mark Neumann will answer whether he would ever consider running as an independent on Charlie Sykes’ program on WTMJ-AM Thursday morning.

On Wednesday morning WISN-AM’s Jay Weber discussed the controversy regarding some phone calls made by Mark Neumann’s campaign for governor to delegates to the upcoming Republican state convention. The calls were concerning a possible endorsement of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker for governor by the convention delegates. The Republican Party of Wisconsin can endorse a candidate in a state-wide race at their convention if 60% of the delegates vote to do so. Obviously Neumann fears the likely Walker love-fest will become an official party endorsement.

The content of the calls are in some dispute, as well as whether the callers properly identified themselves. One delegate has made a complaint to the Government Accountability Board.

However, the more interesting part of Weber’s analysis was a comment he made regarding a possible independent run by Neumann for governor. Weber said he heard from a Republican Party source that Neumann was considering an independent run if the party endorses Walker.

I had also heard something from someone in the party some time ago, but dismissed it as extremely unlikely. Of course, that was before the Crist/Rubio race in Florida.

In response to an e-mail this afternoon, Chris Lato said that Mark Neumann is busy this evening but will be answering my questions tomorrow morning on Charlie Sykes’ program on WTMJ-AM.

Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus told me Wednesday night that he expects Neumann to say no to any independent candidacy.

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