Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Is Dr. Kagen about to kill Obamacare?


Congressman Steve Kagen (D) told WLUK-TV he might not vote for the Senate health care bill when it comes to the House of Representatives, the first step in the reconciliation process.

“I have made the case to the speaker and also to the White House that we should take small pieces, small bites,” Kagen said. “In the practice of medicine, I can’t give a child a big pill. What do we do? We cut it up into pieces. Let’s find things we can agree on.”

Kevin Binversie isn’t buying it.

Let’s just go with the facts here shall we?

1) Has Nancy Pelosi listened to Kagen one iota in the past during the health care bill debate?  Um, No.

2) Does it appear that Kagen is trying to cloud the picture as to what is the reconciliation process need to be accomplished (i.e., House passes the Senate bill, President signs it, then a “corrected bill” passes both the House and Senate by simple majority votes)?  Likely.

3) Will Kagen be a “No” vote on what is the first step of reconciliation, which he has said publicly he backs?  That also be a No.

If the reporter, Robert Hornacek of WLUK Fox 11 bought what Kagen spewed, he seriously needs to get his head examined.  When it’s time for the vote, Kagen will be a solid “Yes.”

However, Jay Bullock expressed some concern from the center square,

Pretty much last on my list of possible Wisconsin defectors was Dr. Steve Kagen. Why? When the man courted my endorsement in 2006, he sat across a Starbucks table from me and asserted, flatly, that comprehensive health care reform was his top priority. It was his signature campaign issue. And he was an easy yes vote in the House last year.

So what do I find today? Ugh:

Jay? I wouldn’t suggest using “ugh” when discussing Kagen. It might remind people of, ah, his multi-cultural timekeeping.

Really, though, Jay is right in a way. Whatever voters are going to vote against Kagen because of his vote for health care are not going to switch their votes if he suddenly flip-flops now. Kagen probably knows this, too, and his claim of advising Speaker Pelosi probably has all the substance of his supposed rudeness to former First Lady Laura Bush, or his supposed confrontation of Karl Rove in the bathroom.

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