Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Is Obama still talking?


Man, that was a long one. But not the longest ever.

As this handy-dandy chart points out, the longest State of the Union speech since 1966 was by President Bill Clinton in 2000. That speech clocked in at a whopping 1:28:49. Hard to believe he would keep his date waiting that long.

Last night’s speech clocking in at 1:01:34 may not have been the longest, but it was long enough. Certainly no man wished it longer. Enegizer should retire the bunny and use Obama instead who keeps going and going and going…

It’s enough to make us miss Richard Nixon who once gave a State of the Union speech in under 29 minutes. That’s even shorter than the 6:00 PM Sunday Mass at Gesu.

In tomorrow’s column for the Waukesha Freeman, I spend a little time discussing Obama’s inability to edit. I promise the column is a lot shorter than last night’s speech, and the newspaper is still just 50 cents.

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