Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Is this school Catholic?


Among the stops scheduled for the Pope when he comes to America is an April 17th visit to Catholic University to address Catholic education in America. It’s not expected to be a pat on the back for a job well done:

“Some observers believe the Pope’s address will be the most enduring aspect of his visit. Others also expect a rebuke from the Pope about controversial issues.

According to the Washington Post, Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who heads the Catholic U.S. military services, said the speech would have “very clear and distinct ideas.”
‘There will be no mistaking what he wants to say,’ he said.

Some hope Pope Benedict’s speech will reprimand universities that have let their Catholic identity weaken.

‘This is something that’s been simmering for so long that it’s reached a boiling point,’ said Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society. The Cardinal Newman Society says only 20 of the 235 Catholic colleges in the United States are sufficiently orthodox.

According to Reilly, a number of bishops and Vatican officials privately say that the speech will “raise a lot of eyebrows.”

David Gibson, the author of a Benedict biography, said he believes the Pope will ask, ‘If you’re not going to be an authentically Catholic, orthodox institution, why should you exist?’

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