Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

It beats ditch digging


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Spivak & Bice stop reading Wisconsin’s blogs long enough to discover Democratic candidate for Congress Bryan Kennedy is paying himself a salary out of his campaign contributions.

…records show that Kennedy paid himself a salary of $4,100 in July and again in August from his campaign – just as Keyes, the conservative extremist, did infamously during a failed U.S. Senate campaign in Maryland in 1992.

Kennedy, a long-shot Democrat running against House Judiciary Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner, confirmed Friday that he made another $4,100 payment to himself from his campaign fund on Sept. 1 and will continue to do so each month through December.

Total projected campaign dollars he plans to pocket: $24,600.

I have three questions for which I’m sure Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is rapidly checking for the answers:

  1. Does his campaign have an EIN?
  2. Is Kennedy filing quarterly if no taxes are being deducted?
  3. Is there any money going back from Bill Elliot (out of the $73,185 he was paid) to Kennedy?

Oh, and one other question, is Kennedy looking to file unemployment after he gets crushed by Sensenbrenner?

Could be worse. Democratic Milwaukee Alderman Jeff Pawlinski was forced out of office after a federal investigation showed he was pocketing the money from his campaign via ATM withdrawals. At least Kennedy is keeping better records.

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