Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

It takes a village to call a child a bastard


Nick Schweitzer brings to our attention this over-the-top op-ed by Janice Shaw Crouse on the Mary Cheney pregnancy which claims it affects everyone.

Really? Am I supposed to send a gift for the baby shower? No, Crouse has a more apocalyptic message in mind:

Mary Cheney’s pregnancy poses problems not just for her child, but also for all Americans. Her action repudiates traditional values and sets an appalling example for young people at a time when father absence is the most pressing social problem facing the nation. With 37 percent of American children born to fatherless families, Mary Cheney is contributing to a trend that is detrimental to all Americans who will live with the ramifications of millions of children whose anger and frustration at not knowing their father will be felt in the public schools and communities of our nation.

Last I checked, the only time Mary Cheney has any impact upon society is when her status as a celebrity lesbian is being used to club political opponents. If Crouse and others are so damned concerned about fatherless children, out-of-wedlock births, rampant divorce and the destruction of the family, I suggest she move to California and start attacking Hollywood and perform marriage counselling for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Or better yet, write on the destruction of family life in the inner city and its root causes. Or write how the homosexual agenda is directly attacking the meaning of marriage.

Because I gotta believe that a pregnant, semi-private, rich, white lesbian and her partner are hardly going to have an impact on the culture. No, I wouldn’t want her as a role model for my children, but then she isn’t exactly on my tv set in between Barney and Dragon Tales, or dancing at halftime at the Super Bowl. And there is nothing to be gained by having this child labeled before birth as “the bastard child of Mary Cheney.”

Would Crouse and others counsel Cheney to get an abortion?

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