Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Jeff Scrima explains how BID appointments work


City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima, blaming the Common Council for the lack of Business Improvement District appointments as quoted by the Waukesha Freeman on November 9th.

Scrima criticized the majority of the council for not contacting Igielski and Taylor and accused it of “overstepping its bounds” by trying to tell another branch of government what to do.

“Once again you’ve delayed the operation of the BID Board,” Scrima told the council. “If you as a council want to vet appointees, which is your role, then do your job (by contacting them).”

From the Waukesha Freeman article on December 7th regarding the rejection of the appointment of Alderman Roger Patton to the BID Board.

Patton didn’t speak on his appointment, though he did vote in favor of it, but Alderman John Kalblinger said Patton told him he didn’t know about his own proposed appointment until reading about it in the newspaper. (emphasis added – jw)

The Council voted to reject the appointment of Patton, which was the right thing to do. Patton not only does not belong on the BID, he shouldn’t be serving on the Council. It’s too bad Council members did not take the opportunity to ask Patton about his role in the mass resignation of the BID Board members, to inquire about the timing of the contacts to see if the open records law was broken, and to see exactly what “dirty laundry” he was trying to hide when he and the other BID Board members resigned.

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