Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Journal Sentinel repeats racism charge despite evidence


On Monday, I mentioned how Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now* is falsely accusing a family foundation of racism because they dared to pay for billboards stating the penalties for vote fraud. OWN claims the signs are racist becuase they are only found in African American communities, but that claim isn’t true.

WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes noticed that the “dead tree” version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did not mention the actual locations of the signs even though the Dan Bice’s online political gossip column did. The exchange between Bice and Sykes is worth reading.

But Bice’s answer to Sykes, that it wasn’t Bice’s fault because the newspaper version was taken from an earlier version, does not address the basic problem. Why would there be an earlier version that did not mention the location of the signs? Why would that version ever be seen online or in print since it was clearly incomplete and misleading?

Will Bice and the editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel apologize to the Einhorn family for allowing Ross’ false accusation to  be printed unchallenged when the newspaper knew the facts?


* the self-described “partisan” organization with the fascist-sounding name.
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