Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Just some warm Saturday Wiggy thoughts


First, a note about Arcadian Avenue. I am not encouraging this. Not at all. But to all of you rebels that are driving past the “road closed signs” that are up on Arcadian even though there is no construction being done today, you are great patriots. Seriously, Sean Hannity should have you people on to tell you what great Americans you are. There is no reason for the street to be closed today in both directions, but moving the signs would have been too much, apparently. So, congratulations to everyone who is ignoring the signs. Just don’t get caught, and make sure you stop by the Root Beer stand.

People wonder why I drive the way I do. I know the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha wonders some time. I was driving on the Northwest side of Milwaukee visiting my parents who still live in that neighborhood. I was in the right lane at the stop light by the Kaul gas station.

By the way, that station is doing great since all of the other gas stations were burned down. I kid, I kid. They were just tired of being robbed.

Anyway, I’m in the right lane, and the left lane is open. A car pulls up along side my in the right turn/parking lane. In any other neighborhood, this means he’s making a right turn. Not in my old neighborhood. What it really meant is that he was going to pass me. And when the light didn’t turn fast enough, he slowly inched across until his tail lights were all the way through the intersection – just as the light turned from red to green. The only thing that would have made his driving perfect for that area of town is a cardboard sign in the window saying “LAF.”

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