Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Kathleen Falk, tear down that prison wall!


No really, you can’t make stuff like this up. One of the Democrats running for Attorney General wants to put a revolving door on the prisons, or even avoid sending people to jail in the first place.

As some of my family and friends would say, “She’s from Madison, you know.” The “you know” would be accompanied by that look that suggests the person being talked about should be institutionalized. I’ve tried to make them more tolerant of people from Madison over the years. This isn’t going to help.

The two Republican candidates have a different opinion of the purpose of prisons.

JB Van Hollen writes,

“In a recent column in the Wisconsin State Journal, Falk twists the statistic that about 50 percent of inmates sentenced to the Dane County Jail have one or more offenses for operating under the influence of intoxicants into a rationale for coddling violent offenders. She believes their addiction to alcohol and drugs are the reasons they commit crime and that rapists and thieves who brutalize their victims don’t deserve justice, they need help.”

Paul Bucher, you may recall, pretty much summed up Falk the day she declared her candidacy:

“You must be kidding,” Bucher stated of Falk’s entrance into the Attorney General’s race. “This anti-law enforcement individual wants to run for the state’s top cop? I work day in and day out and have spent my entire career putting criminals in prison, as have other law enforcement officers throughout this State, and this individual wants to release them? What does it say to the average law enforcement officer and citizen? That we care more about the rights of thugs and gangsters than we do about the safety of our families? I look forward to this race. I look forward to debating this anti law enforcement candidate who now conveniently cloaks herself in pro criminal justice rhetoric. Her consistent, long-time record opposing law enforcement both in Dane County and Statewide will be front and center in this race.”

I gotta say to the Democrats, if it’s a choice between someone who wants to open the prison doors and someone whose most famous moment was being on the wrong end of the camera in a police video, you might want to start looking for another candidate. Does Ed Garvey still practice law?

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