Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Kathy Nickolaus stepping aside for next election


Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus will not be running the next election in Waukesha County, according to a statement by County Executive Dan Vrakas. Instead the next election in Waukesha County will be run by the deputy clerk.

Vrakas issued a statement, first read on the air by WISN’s Mark Belling (audio commentary starts 8 minutes in, Vrakas statement at 16:55), that the county executive issued an ultimatum to Nickolaus this afternoon that if she did not let someone else take over the election duties for the next election he would publicly call for her to resign.

Before that announcement was made, Nickolaus was on WTMJ-AM denying that she had any intention of stepping down as clerk, but she did not indicate that someone else in her office would be placed in charge of running elections.

“I have no plans on stepping down from the (Waukesha) County clerk position,” said Kathy Nickolaus in an interview Thursday afternoon with Wisconsin’s Afternoon News with John Mercure after he asked her about Republicans and Democrats wanting her to step down. “I’ll be making some major steps in making sure that people feel comfortable with the way that the election administration is done in the office.”

By the way, listening to the interview is just painful. When asked what went wrong, she started with, “Let me tell you what went right.” It was just amazingly awful. She also was blaming the problems in her office on a missing component that she’s needed for six years. You would think that after six years a reasonably competent person would have found some work-around.

Since Vrakas’ statement came out well after the WTMJ interview, it would be interesting to learn if the interview forced Vrakas’ hand in releasing the statement.

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