Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Kleefisch says they did what the people asked


As part of the discussion of how important the Wisconsin recall battle is nationally, Dana Loesch interviewed Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch:

“This isn’t about folks who are forced to join a union, this is about the big bosses that tend to be even out of state, not even in the state of Wisconsin that are pulling strings from New York City, from Washington DC, and Chicago, trying to determine the outcome of an election in Wisconsin,” says Kleefisch.

“They understand that this is about their survival, this is about the continued effort to siphon money out of the dues of the folks who dutifully pay their union dues that may not agree with the political candidates that their dues and union are backing. The fact is what Governor Scott Walker and I did, and our legislature as well, was give folks the opportunity to choose whether they wanted to be in a union or not. That’s what being an American is, having the right to pick what your destiny is going to be. Pursuit of happiness in your own way is the American way, and it is now officially now the Wisconsin way. And saving taxpayers money is officially the Wisconsin way, too.”

“The recession hurt, says Kleefisch. “And the taxpayers who were being seriously pinched said, ‘Hey, guys, you need to do this without raising taxes. You need to fix this $3.6 billion dollar budget deficit without raising taxes.’ And so we did. We did it. We did what the people asked and this is what we’re facing because of it.”

Wisconsin has since saved $848 million dollars for state and local governments. As Kleefisch notes, they’ve seen fewer teacher layoffs as opposed to previous years, fewer cuts to extra curricula subjects, all due to reforms, and teachers are now able to have their efforts awarded with merit pay.

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