Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Kramer can autograph it for them next time


The leader of the Waukesha Democratic Party, Jeff Christensen, and the Democratic candidate for the 97th Assembly District Dawn “Crazy Nurse” Caruss issued a press release this week criticizing State Representative Bill Kramer for not having his name on a single bill that has passed the legislature during his time in office.

Despite the Republicans sitting in the minority unable to set the agenda for the legislature, Christensen and the “Crazy Nurse” are actually wrong about Kramer’s legislative record. In 2008, SB 124 became Act 124 when it was passed and signed into law by Governor Jim Doyle. The bill was co-sponsored by Democratic State Senator Julie Lassa, now a candidate for congress in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

In the same press release, Caruss and Christensen accuse Kramer of being out of touch with his constituents. If Kramer really is out of touch, I’m sure he would have heard by now from the (as of yesterday) 11,400 doors he has knocked on this year. Coincidentally, Kramer uses the same pen when he goes door-to-door that he received from the governor when SB 124 was signed into law.

As for what happens if the Republicans attain majority status, Kramer may finally be able to get his signature issue passed through the state assembly, the repeal of the minimum mark-up law. Oh, and that would be something even Christensen should applaud. Even Democratic Governor Jim Doyle supports Kramer on the issue.

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