Monday, November 20th, 2017

Lakefront May Day


On Sunday I was with Voces de la Frontera as they celebrated May Day with a bunch of socialists, some politicians, a Latin hip hop group, and even a giant puppet.

There was even a group called the Milwaukee Molotov Marchers, a militant leftwing group that plays music at political events. The expected Von Ribbentrop singers to accompany them were apparently unavailable on Sunday. I expect neither would be very popular at Polish Fest.

No leftist march would be complete without a giant puppet and this march had a giant Scott Walker puppet that was not a bad likeness. It also had a woman on stilts dressed as the Statue of Liberty, perhaps a fan of Ghostbusters II.

Occupy Milwaukee and Occupy Fond Du Lac also joined the march, probably to see what an actual crowd looked like.

Approximately 5,000 people, according to police sources that I spoke with, made the march from the Voces de la Frontera office to Veterans Park on Milwaukee’s lakefront. That’s about half of the estimated crowd from last year. (Again, according to an estimate I received from police sources on the scene.)

Check out the rest of the story – and photos – at the MacIver Institute.

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