Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Larson rewards ally, punishes African Americans


Just before Thanksgiving, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson appointed Senator Jennifer Shilling (D–La Crosse) and Senator Bob Wirch (D–Somers) to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC). This powerful committee is at the heart of the state budget process and is a coveted appointment.

Wirch was the likely Democrat who promised to vote for Senator Jon Erpenbach for minority leader but cast his vote instead for Larson.

So much for subtlety.

By the way, why does Larson hate African Americans? State Senator Lena Taylor is not happy.

I am disappointed but not shocked by this week’s appointments to the Joint Finance Committee for the 2013 session, not for my own lack of reappointment, but the for the African-American community and other minority communities in Wisconsin. Long have Senate Democrats recognized the crucial needs of minorities and the overwhelming political support they have received from those communities. In EVERY session since 1983, Senate Democrats have maintained the presence of an African-American legislator on this important committee which decides almost every important decision affecting the whole of Wisconsin. 2013 will mark the first year in 30 years that Senate Democrats will not make such an appointment.

You would think that Larson might be a bit more sensitive to the African American population after the way he backed white candidates (Sandy Pasch, Evan Goyke) against African American candidates in “minority majority” assembly districts in the primaries earlier this year.

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