Friday, August 23rd, 2019

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Tom Haudricourt talked to ESPN radio with Drew Olsen (The “D-List”) and “applauded” Milwaukee Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin for not wanting to respond to blogs. (I’d applaud, too, if someone promised me a near monopoly.) Haudricourt then claims Melvin told him that if the local media was going to report what they saw in the blogs, they risked losing their credibility.

Mike Mathias takes a look at Tom Haudricourt’s credibility:

Haudricourt is a professional journalist. He should know when he has a source on the record or not—and especially in that situation. The Brewer’s had just signed Gagne to a $10 million contract, and the uproar over the Mitchell report was in full swing. Boras’ unvarnished comments were definitely news, and yet Haudricourt felt his relationship was more important than passing the information along to his readers.

I’ve already discussed Drew Olsen’s little credibility problem, but I was floored when Olsen made this claim, “What has happened is the standard of the Journal Sentinel has changed. It used to be, you gotta have two, maybe three sources. Somebody better be on the record, quoted by name, telling you this before you can run it.”

I just got off a flight from Boston and contacted a very reliable club source who told me he knows nothing about any plans to dismiss manager Ned Yost, as posted late last evening by “Badger Blogger,” whatever that is. – Tom Haudricourt {emphasis added}

In the radio interview, “My source is more credible.”

Do they really want to continue this discussion? Can we talk about the Brewers team that quit on it’s manager, something Haudricourt and Olsen didn’t report until afterwards? (Yeah, it’s pre-internet. The only ones who could’ve called them on it were the season ticket holders who saw it first-hand and had no blogs then to complain.)

By the way, the Brewers come home May 27th.

Almost timely in a way only blogs can be (in this case, ironically so), Mickey Kaus discusses timeliness, blogging, the mainstream media, and Model 2. For more fun, here’s Kaus’ original post on Model 2.

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