Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and Whores


It’s a Ron Paul fiesta! Ron Paul, candidate for president, explains to ABC News John Stossel in an internet-only interview why he would legalize all of the above. It’s the first of a six-part interview. Stossel explains:

Despite relatively low poll numbers, Paul has had a big influence on the presidential campaign. That’s in part because he’s raised a ton of money, and in part because of the passionate following he has on the Web. It’s one reason we’re posting my interview with Paul only on the Internet, where the debate about Paul is very active. In fact, he’s the most Googled presidential candidate.

Next week, will post five additional video segments and articles from the interview.

On Monday, we’ll examine the role of government — what the federal government should and shouldn’t do. Tuesday, Paul gives his views on when war is justifiable. On Wednesday we’ll tackle immigration. Like many of his GOP colleagues, Paul opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and wants more border enforcement. But he says the real problem lies with birthright citizenship and other enticements of the American welfare state. On Thursday we discuss health care, and on Friday, we’ll discuss one of the Texas congressman’s favorite topics, the Constitution.

ht: The Agitator

Update! Found this from Steve Antler, the EconoPundit back on November 18th:

Mike Huckabee on Fox News Sunday this morning:

With the fair tax, you end the underground economy. Drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, illegals — everybody has to pay the tax at the retail level — so right now those billions of dollars, that people like you and me are having to make up for, ’cause other folks are working under the table, now everybody’s paying into the system. That’s one of the reasons that it really is a fair tax.

Drug dealers? Prostitutes? Pimps? We’ll somehow start collecting sales taxes from them? What planet is this guy from?

A Huckabee/Paul ticket! The worst of both worlds!

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