Monday, November 20th, 2017

Maybe Kloppenburg has the tiger blood in her



I don’t why I am surprised. I really shouldn’t be. The collective insanity of the state’s leftwing just got crazier.

JoAnne Kloppenburg has asked for a statewide recount in an election she lost by over 7,300 votes. No reasonable observer says she has a chance of overcoming those vote totals and winning.

Somebody has to say this and it might as well be me. Wisconsin came within .5% of electing someone to the state Supreme Court with a demonstrated weak grasp of reality.

Even if Kloppenburg still does not accept the Government Accountability Board’s report on Waukesha County, and if she still has concerns about Winnebago County (as her statement indicates), how does that justify recounts in Dane and Brown Counties? Or Ashland and Vilas counties? Or LaCrosse and Sheboygan counties? Should I go on?

Somebody needs to ask Kloppenburg a very serious question. Does Kloppenburg really think she won the election? Really?

Because any answer other than “no” is begging for a psychiatrist, not a recount.

So if we assume she knows she lost the election, and we’re going to assume that someone who came that close to being a state Supreme Court Justice is competent to stand trial, then what possible reason would she have for requesting a statewide recount? What public interest does this possibly serve?

Does Kloppenburg realize that Charlie Sheen sounds more rational right now?

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