Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Mayor Scrima missed the scallops


Tonight was the reception at Key Westconsin to announce the artists for the GuitarTown Project. About 55 total showed up, including media, guests, steering committee and artists. Unfortunately they did not have the artists’ conceptions for the guitar art on display, but Susan Schoultz of Clear Verve Marketing said they are working on a website and they should have it up shortly.

(I would imagine that as the public gets to see the proposed designs, they will get more excited about the project.)

Key Westconsin provided appetizers, Lynn Gaffey introduced the artists, and Norm Bruce introduced the student photographers from Carroll University documenting the works in progress.

Mayor Jeff Scrima was a surprise MIA, as even Bruce said he expected the mayor to show up and say a few words. Given the importance of this public art project to the community (and how important the mayor has made it) I was surprised, along with the rest of the crowd, that the mayor did not attend as expected.

In an email from Rick Congdon, chairman of the GuitarTown Steering Committee, dated January 16th, said of the mayor’s responsibilities for the project:

Jeff will serve as our point man for public relations using his position as Mayor to bring excitement and public buy-in to this project. He will also be our main fund-raiser in obtaining sponsors, donors etc.

So much for that part of the mayor’s job.

Among the more humorous suggestions of reasons for his absence was the possibility that he ran over someone in the city hall parking lot (oh, like he would stop) or the Steering Committee forgot to give him the requisite two week’s notice. Maybe he got lost coming from his parents’ house.

Regardless of the excuse, if this GuitarTown Project is the honor to the city that the mayor claims, he really should have been there, or else contacted someone to pass along the reason for his absence. Scrima’s unexplained absence was an insult to the volunteers and the artists.

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