Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Measured defense


Urban Milwaukee’s Bruce Murphy wrote this week that the Democrats are in disarray, and part of the evidence he gave was the removal of spokesman Graeme Zielinski from public view. (Yes, Zielinski is now the crazy uncle kept in the basement, but still on the payroll.)

Murphy reads The Progressive so you don’t have to and found this defense of Zielinski from Ruth Connif.

Some Dems and liberals have defended Zielinski. Ruth Conniff, Political Editor of Progressive Magazine, praised him as “always fun because he was not only outrageous, he was passionate about defending Wisconsin from pillage by Walker’s corporate cronies who want to liquidate everything good about our state.”

With such a well-balanced and measured approach to political analysis, you can see why she might find Zielinski to be a kindred spirit.

Might I suggest pills?

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