Friday, November 17th, 2017

Medicine Man


Congressman Kagen’s office announced today that Kagen’s allergy clinics will stop “administering and distributing disputed `compounded’ allergy treatments.”

The FDA and the medical community have a long running disagreement over the concept of “compounding,” and until that disagreement is more clearly resolved, the Kagen Allergy Clinic, S.C. will not use or send “compounded” allergens.

I will be continuing to work with the FDA, both as a Board Certified and fully licensed specialist in Allergy-Immunology and as a U.S. Congressman, to find ways to prevent patients from suffering from disabling symptoms of allergy.

I should note that when I previously commented on the issue, I wondered whether 55000 shots for 500 patients was abit excessive (110 shots per patient). A friend of mine who suffers from allergies and asthma pointed out that he sometimes would get multiple shots for different allergies weekly.

I’m in the wrong racket.

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