Friday, November 24th, 2017

Meet the neighbors, and their attorney


Okay, this is rough. As my readers are aware, State Representative Scott Newcomer just built a house in the 33rd Assembly district, more specifically Delafield. The new neighbors didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat.

Two of his neighbors have sued state Rep. Scott Newcomer over the construction of his Nagawicka Road home, alleging the project left a large hole on their property as well as an underground utility line.

Jeffrey Snopek and Pamela Reetz, who live next to Newcomer on Nagawicka Road, filed the suit in Waukesha County Circuit Court on Monday alleging that Newcomer and the home builder, Regency Builders Inc., trespassed on their land.

Newcomer said things began after reaching an understanding with his neighbors.

“An agreement was reached,” he said. “Obviously there was some misunderstanding and we’ll have to figure it out.”

Do you think he tried explaining to them that he really lived there the whole time, even when he didn’t, and that long-time neighbors should talk things out rather than resort to attorneys?

Joking aside, I sincerely hope Newcomer and his constituents/neighbors can work this out.

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