Milwaukee’s Christmas Card

by James Wigderson | November 19, 2015 9:31 pm

What a perfect picture of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s leadership of Milwaukee. Everyone will want a copy for Christmas. Everybody will want to see police in a line to protect children singing Christmas carols at the city Christmas Tree lighting ceremony while Coalition for Justice protesters attempt to disrupt the event:

Milwaukee Police stand in front of the stage. @fox6now[1][2]

— Ashley Sears (@AshleySears6) November 19, 2015[3]

Group chants "Dontre Hamilton" while kids' choir sings Christmas songs. #DontreHamilton[4] @fox6now[1][5]

— Ashley Sears (@AshleySears6) November 19, 2015[6]

Maybe the City of Milwaukee should change its flag to a person standing on the American flag?

Woman confronts protester for standing on the flag. @fox6now[1] #mke[7][8]

— Ashley Sears (@AshleySears6) November 19, 2015[9]

Buy me![10]

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