Sunday, January 20th, 2019

More fallout on CPAC’s John Birch Society co-sponsorship


The issue is slowly attracting the attention of responsible people on the political right. Ryan Mauro explains the appeal of a group like the John Birch Society but stresses teaming up with the organization just provides ammo to critics.

…the jokes will practically write themselves as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) takes place — co-sponsored by the John Birch Society. Every liberal commentator needs to send a thank-you note to CPAC’s organizers for that monumentally stupid decision.

By having the John Birch Society sponsor it, CPAC can guarantee that 90% of the coverage regarding the conference will relate to JBS’ oh-my-god-look-a-conspiracy attitude rather than the heavy-hitters and rising stars of conservatism and libertarianism that speak there. Instead of focusing on politics, reporters will ask attendees for their response to the JBS controversy and will ask organizers whether they are in such financial distress that they had to embrace a fringe group for support.

Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online agrees with this view, and Mark Krikorian also concurs while noting,

The problem, rather, is the central role that conspiracy theory plays in the Birchers’ worldview. This is a sign of political immaturity at best, and disordered thinking at worst. If you really think Eisenhower was a Soviet agent, or that the World Trade Center was brought down in a controlled demolition, the problem is not that you’re factually incorrect or that your value priorities are different from mine. The problem is that you are simply clueless about how human society functions and you have no business being taken seriously.

I wrote about the John Birch Society and CPAC last Thursday, causing some debate. Blogger Dad29 in the comments pointed to the John Birch Society’s statement of principles and asked me what I found disagreeable. I responded,

Yes, they sound reasonable. When you ask them if the sky is blue, they respond, yes, the sky is blue. When you ask them why the sky is blue, they will tell you it’s because the Communists put flouride in the atmosphere.

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