Friday, August 23rd, 2019

More on the Maher front


Professor John McAdams reports FM radio station WKLH is reconsidering their sponsorship of Bill Maher’s appearance at the Riverside Theatre.

We talked to Bellini after receiving this e-mail, and the people who run WKLH will be meeting later today to decide what to do about this situation.

Bellini made it clear that he is no fan of Maher.

WKLH could simply “pull its sponsorship” of Maher, although Bellini pointed out that “the horse is out of the barn” in some ways. Promotional materials already printed can’t be unprinted.

But he conceded that WKLH could, if it wanted, stop giving away tickets to the Maher performance and take the promotional blurb off its website.

Such actions, while not large in the entire scope of things, would at least send the symbolic message that WKLH does not condone or support Maher’s anti-Christian bigotry.

A call to 414-978-9000, or an e-mail to (station manager Tom Joerres) with a civil statement about how the station should distance itself from this kind of bigotry would be in order.

I should add that this is clearly not an attempt to censor Maher. What reasonable people are attempting to do is ask Milwaukee institutions with an interest in how they are perceived by the public not to subsidize and publicly support Maher’s appearance. Let him say what he wants to say on his own dime, or with the support of the Crazy Shepherd.

Update! 5/7/08 I answer the Voltaire question over at From Where I Sit.

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