Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

More on the Priebus announcement


The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake have more on the timing of Priebus’ announcement:

Priebus had been weighing a bid for weeks but had made clear he would have preferred not to run against Steele.

The two men had enjoyed a close relationship; Priebus was the chairman of Steele’s 2009 bid for the top spot at the RNC and a loyalist in the early days of Steele’s tenure.

But, with Steele offering no hints about whether or not he will run for a second term — his allies did send out a seven-page memo detailing his successes late last week — and the field growing more and more crowded, Priebus’ hand was forced.

In his e-mail, Priebus makes no direct allusions to Steele, but he casts the RNC as a troubled committee in need of someone to tighten the ship.

Meanwhile, the Note says Priebus already has the backing of some prominent Republicans like Mississippi’s Henry Barbour,

Preibus already has powerful backers like Mississippi RNC Committeeman Henry Barbour, who told ABC News that he would support Preibus’ bid.

“I am convinced Reince is the strongest of the candidates and can do the job well. Reince has an outstanding track record in Wisconsin,” Barbour said. “I believe Reince will be able to unify the committee, manage our overall coalition, organize, raise the money and restore the RNC to credibility.”

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