Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

MPS budget meeting tonight


The MacIver Institute reminds us that Milwaukee Public Schools will be setting its budget tonight. You might want to pay attention. After all, you’re paying for it.

Most likely there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth and tearing at ones clothes over the unfairness of the state aid formula (more money is the only solution to our problems!) and a sincere hope and a prayer that the feds come through with a bailout.


At MacIver, we’ve spent a lot of time and resources covering the mess at MPS, and for good reason.

The state taxpayers pay for more than half of MPS’ bloated budget. A wasted dollar at MPS is not only more than 50 cents out of state taxpayers’ collective pockets, it is more than 50 cents that isn’t going to other school districts in the state. Another irrefutable fact: the entire state has been paying for the failures of MPS for decades in the form of higher taxes to pay for the mounting costs of the state-funded social service and criminal justice budgets.

It is not merely about dollars and cents, though. We’re failing to educate these kids and the collective apathy is actually playing an active role in retarding their future ability to be successful, productive members of society.

The failures of Milwaukee Public Schools impact Wisconsin’s economy as much, if not more, than any nationwide economic slowdown; therefore, the votes taken tonight by a handful of elected school board members in Milwaukee will impact the entire State of Wisconsin for years to come.

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