Saturday, August 24th, 2019

MPTV Auction drinking game


In case you’re missing it, Channel 10 in Milwaukee is having their annual on-air auction to support public television. Since the more you drink, the more you’ll bid, so they can’t complain if we have some drinking fun at their expense.

Grab your favorite beer or bottle of wine and settle in for some serious drinking.

George Kovach mention = drink
Owen Gromme mention = drink
Bradley Parrish = drink
Bird art = drink
Rooster = two drinks
Owen Gromme Rooster = chug the bottle
Announcer mispronounces name of item or artist = drink
Ugly art = chug your wine glass or beer mug
Self-promotion of a channel 10 event = drink
Obvious returned item from previous auction = chug your wine glass or beer mug
Inappropriate behavior by a “table captain” = chug your wine glass or beer mug

If someone in the room wants to bid, they must chug their drink first.

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