Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Next time they’ll bring a catapult


This story is so bizarre.

FBI agents searched the home of a former aide to Scott Walker early Wednesday morning in what one source said was a probe into government employees doing campaign work on public time.

The search was conducted at the home of Cindy Archer, who worked for Walker as county executive and as governor; she was deputy DOA secretary for the first eight months of his administration. While the attention was on Archer today, others who have worked for Walker could be implicated, one source told .

An FBI spokesman referred questions to Milwaukee County Chief Deputy DA Kent Lovern, who declined comment. A spokesman for Walker also declined comment on the raid, which took place at Archer’s Madison home.

Archer abruptly left her DOA job recently for another position in the administration.

A source with knowledge of the investigation said the FBI was involved for its expertise in computer analysis. The source also likened the investigation to the probe that led to charges against former legislative leaders Chuck Chvala, Scott Jensen, Brian Burke, Steve Foti and Bonnie Ladwig over caucus employees doing campaign work while in their state jobs. None of them are in the Legislature now, and some served time.

A John Doe investigation was opened in Milwaukee County in May 2010 with Bruce Landgraf, an assistant Milwaukee Co. DA who oversees election issues, as the lead prosecutor. It has focused on several former Walker aides.

One of Archer’s neighbors said she woke up this morning to the sound of FBI agents pounding on her neighbor’s door.

The neighbor, who asked that her name not be used, said agents had a battering ram and were prepared to break down the door before Archer let them in.

Really? A battering ram for an investigation into possible computer misuse for campaign purposes? I had heard that the John Doe investigation is bigger than a lot of people think. This might jolt a few people in Madison into paying more attention to this story. And no, it’s never good when your former aide’s home is nearly battering-rammed open in an FBI search.

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