Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

No scrambled eggs for Democrats


Update: No participation in the rally by Barrett which was cancelled and then reinstated, but Barrett did have a unity breakfast. The rally is what was referred to in the Daily Kos post. The Daily Kos diarist has updated his/her post as well since this was posted to include the breakfast. See comments below. – JW

There ain’t no such thing as a free breakfast. Wisconsin Democrats have canceled the unity breakfast for Wednesday morning. The Daily Kos kids {some rough language at the link} have heard the official explanation and they ain’t buyin’ it.

WTF? I’ve read plenty of ass-covering propaganda in my time, but who exactly does Mike Tate, the chairman of the DPW, think he’s talking to? Hasn’t he noticed that this new alliance of Wisconsin freedom fighters has spent the past 15 months fine-tuning their bullshit detectors? Tell the truth, Mike Tate.

Despite the cancellation, a union-sponsored group that has openly backed Kathleen Falk has decided to continue their scheduled Unity March from the campus of the University of Wisconsin to the Capitol. The march sponsored by We Are Wisconsin was scheduled to coincide with the rally. We Are Wisconsin has changed the name of their event on facebook from “Unity March and Unity Rally” to “Unity March and Day of Action.”

I don’t know why the rally was canceled, but there has been widespread, unsubstantiated speculation that the front runner in the primary, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, decided at the last minute not to attend. The rumor being spread is that Tom Barrett does not want to be seen in the company of union leaders and union members for fear of having images of his participation in the rally being used against him by the Walker campaign.

Others are speculating that the whole thing is a last-minute dirty trick perpetrated by supporters of Kathleen Falk. Barrett has a wide lead over Falk in the most recent polls. Is it really Barrett who backed out, or did somebody design a set of conditions for the rally that they knew would force Barrett to back out so they could smear him?

Maybe instead of breakfast at the Capitol, Barrett and Falk could have bloody marys and cheeseburgers for breakfast at Fuzzys.

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