Saturday, November 18th, 2017

On the whole, I wish he was in West Hollywood


Somebody please stop the madness.  Really, who thought the RNC Chairman should go to an event hosted by Al Sharpton?

The National Legal and Policy Center, a leading conservative think tank specializing in government ethics, today asked Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to cancel his scheduled participation in the annual conference of Al Sharpton’s group, the National Action Network.

According to the conference agenda, Steele is scheduled to speak at a “Special Plenary Session” on Wednesday, April 14.

The center wrote in a hand-delivered letter:

“Just because Barack Obama and much of the media have made the mistake of treating Sharpton like a legitimate public figure, it doesn’t mean that you should.

If Michael Steele wants to be used, abused, and made a fool, the S&M Club in West Hollywood is cheaper and less embarrassing.

It’s like he’s daring the RNC to fire him at this point. Somebody should remind him of the immortal words of Johnny Sacrimoni, “You wanna commit suicide, pills are a lot easier.”

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