Saturday, November 18th, 2017

One cost for seniors keeps going up


Over at the MacIver Institute, I have an online column looking at the lack of a cost of living adjustment for seniors and President Obama’s plan to give every social security recipient $250. Typical inflation may not be affecting the bottom line for seniors, but the cost of government keeps going up:

Perhaps Obama recognizes that, despite the lack of inflation, the cost of living is going up, especially in Wisconsin.

Auto insurance rates are likely to increase as a result of a change in Wisconsin law. Andy Franken, president of the Wisconsin Insurance Alliance, said to The Lakeland Times new mandates for minimum insurance coverage will likely result in 33% increases in insurance rates. State Senator Fitzgerald says the average consumer will see an increase between $96 and $309 per year.

If seniors are seeing their independence to get around limited, reaching out to touch family members got more expensive this year, too. The phone used to call their grandchildren got socked with a $.75 per month tax, expected to raise $102.6 million for the state the next two years.

Should a senior require a hospital stay, a new hospital tax was enacted this year, and then increased to 2.1%.

After the hospital stay, should the senior require care in the home, home health care workers can now unionize, raising the cost of the care.

If the senior finds that a nursing home stay is necessary, Wisconsin raised the taxes on that, too. The tax doubles in the first year to $150 per bed, a tax that will surely be passed along to the consumer.

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