Monday, May 20th, 2019

Outrageous bias at WISN-TV


I’m used to media bias but this report by Brendan Conway is one of the dumbest and most blatant hatchet jobs I have ever seen. The report is about the Walker for Governor campaign using an Ohio company to build their campaign website, a story first reported by Michael Horne who goes uncredited in the piece. Conway spends most of the report asking a local web developer how he feels about Walker using an out-of-state vendor. He then turns to a local critic of Walker from the County Board for reaction.

In the report, Conway does not ask the vendor how he feels about Governor Jim Doyle also using an out-of-state vendor (based in Washington DC) for his campaign website, nor does he ask any of Doyle’s critics. He only devotes 14 seconds to mentioning that Doyle will not commit to using an in-state vendor for the upcoming campaign.

Conway has not responded to my e-mail asking about the strong bias of his report and whether he even mentioned to the local web vendors that Doyle has used an out-of-state vendor, too. Conway has also not responded to why he did not credit Horne with breaking the story.

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