Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Plale-Riley to debate tomorrow


Michael Horne asks why?

What makes the event particularly tantalizing is that Riley has been accused of voting “early and often” in the 2000 presidential election — once in Oconomowoc, where he then lived, and again, the same day in Chicago, where he also lived.

This allegation was brought by George Mitchell, a Choice proponent and Plale supporter, and it has thrown a monkey wrench into the Riley campaign.

Riley issued a statement yesterday explaining his double voting, saying “special interest contributors have chosen to attack me personally instead of conducting a serious discussion of issues that matter to the people of the 7th district.”

He then goes on to make his own personal attack, saying, “I understand George Mitchell and his organization — a voucher special interest group — have accused me of voting in two jurisdictions in an election six years ago.

“My best recollection is that I was splitting my time between Wisconsin and Illinois and it’s possible I made a mistake.”

Horne says this “mistake” is enough to excuse voters in the district from voting for Riley, even if they are “in harmony with his views.”

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