Monday, May 20th, 2019

Polar bear plunge not a good idea this year


Despite thoughts last year that I might join the crowd of Polar Bear swimmers at Lake Michigan, discretion became the better part of valor. Maybe next year. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the experience of one person who took the plunge:

“This was the worst year,” said Nic Stanczyk, just after his dip. He was attending his seventh plunge with his brothers Ben and Greg, who have been making the annual plunge since 2001. Nic noted the effort it took to break through the ice. and then to get his entire body under. Greg said he could barely get out into the water before his feet were cut and bruised from rocks and ice.

I’m already sick of the cold, so I’ll just stay indoors in my sweats enjoying some coffee. If you made the plunge today, you’re crazy, but at least you’re not Ethan Krupp.

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