Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Predictions for 2014


Every year I make predictions, and every year we check them. Unlike other pundits, I actually hold myself accountable. It’s the masochist in me.

This year promises to be an interesting year for Wisconsinites. Wisconsin’s new health care laws will slowly go into effect after the Obamacare delay. Spring and fall elections will promise surprises (but probably deliver very few). Supporters of a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks will attempt to make their case.  The Democratic Party in Wisconsin is still headed by Chairman Mike Tate, who only looked responsible standing next to Graeme Zielinski. Divisions are showing between the protest wing of the Democratic Party and the establishment party. We have a race for governor and attorney general this year.

Accept the following predictions in the spirit in which they’re intended and please, as always, no wagering.

  1. City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima will make it through the primary but will not win re-election.
  2. Having been surprised by the bi-partisan support for the proposed casino in Kenosha, Governor Scott Walker will give his approval.
  3. There will be no change in the congressional delegation from Wisconsin in 2014.
  4. Republicans will pick up Dale Schultz’s seat (I count it as a pick up) and the seat in Racine in the state senate.
  5. Governor Scott Walker will defeat Mary Burke.  During a debate, he’ll ask her for the best places to go snowboarding in New Hampshire.snowboard
  6. The general public still will not care about so-called “redistricting reform” – and Democrats don’t really care, either.
  7. The portable homeless shelters in Madison will be used for drugs and prostitution.
  8. Eric Erickson of Redstate.org will call conservative columnist Ann Coulter a RINO.
  9. The mainstream media will remember Pope Francis really is Catholic and go back to hating him.
  10. Republicans will pick up two seats in the state assembly.
  11. Palermo’s Pizza will finally have a vote on unionization. The unions will lose.
  12. State Rep Brett Hulsey will survive the Democratic primary, win re-election, and announce his candidacy for mayor of Madison. Hulsey will make the announcement  posing naked next to “his campaign’s” convertible.
  13. The state assembly will do its best this year to prove that the government that governs best will govern least. New Speaker Pro Tem Tyler August’s gavel will still have that new gavel smell in 2015.
  14. Mike Gousha will ask a follow-up question that moves a politician beyond the talking points. He’ll apologize for asking the question.
  15. iowaErick Erickson and the national Club for Growth will start a campaign for former Congressman Mark Neumann to run a primary challenge to Senator Ron Johnson.
  16. The biggest joke of 2014 in Madison will be, “That will sound great in Green Bay, but how will it play in Des Moines?”
  17. Infighting in the Town of Waukesha will quiet down after the Spring elections. Former Town Chairman Angie Van Scyoc will not win a seat on the town board. Current Town Chairman John Marek will be seen drinking a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
  18. The MMAC’s proposal for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena and public funding for Milwaukee County public and private cultural organizations will receive no support outside Milwaukee County, effectively killing any chance of taxing the suburbs to subsidize the arena. Work will begin on a “Milwaukee-only” plan.
  19. State Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer’s staff will build a periscope to spy on Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ office.periscope1
  20. Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima will still go to a Harvard Business School seminar class at taxpayer expense even though it is an election year.
  21. State Rep Joel Kleefisch will introduce a bill to allow for the hunting of barn swallows.
  22. Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dmitrijevic will win the race for State Assembly on the East side of Milwaukee. She will hire herself as staff.
  23. Democrats will retain control of the United States Senate 52-48. Primary challenges by Tea Party-supported candidates will cost Republicans the Senate.
  24. Peter Jackson will announce plans for his movie version of Moby Dick, completely “authentic to the novel.” It will be five three-hour films.
  25. The Milwaukee School Board will vote to set a school building on fire rather than sell it to a private school.
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