Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Project Carnival Badger


Welcome to this week’s Carnival of the Badger. This week I have Nina Garcia of Elle Magazine and fashion designer Michael Kors helping me with the entries.

We’ll start with the carnival’s founder, Nick Schweitzer, who asks, “What if they’re not guilty?” and provides a “Case in Point.”
Michael Kors: I like Nick. He had a vision and went for it.

Next down the runway is Patrick from Badger Blogger, who went with an animal motif. He asks, “What crime problem? Shhh
Michael Kors: It was light, it was whimsical, but with a real sense of purpose.
Nina Garcia: But what’s with all the questions? Don’t we know there’s a crime problem?

Next down the runway is Peter from Texas Hold’em, who learned Talk Radio, Internet Blamed For Anti-Muslim Feelings.
Michael Kors: I think this was a real “in your face” presentation.
Nina Garcia: It was very aggressive, especially in the desriptive language.

Peter also has another entry down the runway, Breaking it Down.
Michael Kors: I think the use of an animal to try to shock and offend becomes underwhelming when you choose pink for the color.
Nina Garcia: Why is insanity not part of the entire picture?

Coming down the runway next is Fred at Real Debate’s “Iran leader says Pope remarks part of US-Israeli conspiracy.”
Michael Kors: I like the concept of the alternative materials in the illustration.
Nina Garcia: It was short and unsubtle. Without the illustraion it would have been incomplete. But the illustration completes the presentation.

Next up is Josh Schroeder, who asks, “What part of partisan…”
Michael Kors: It’s something different. An incomplete question for a title, making a question of a question.
Nina Garcia: The title and the subject are not very subtle, but then he wasn’t given subtle material to work with.

Sean at The American Mind presents, “The Green Doyle Debate I“.
Michael Kors: This was not a fault of Sean’s but two unattractive grown men with bad makeup sweating under the hot lights wearing red ties… I thought they should be boxing, not debating.
Nina Garcia: I agree. It’s aesthetically not pleasing.

Next down the runway, “Still Unreal” of Reality Check has “Color Me Sick of This.”
Michael Kors: To make his point, he actually uses color: red.
Nina Garcia: I see the passion, I want more color.

The next entry on the runway, Tracy Coenen of the Fraud Files follows the case of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Michael Kors: Dog looks like every fashion designer’s nightmare.
Nina Garcia: There is no artistic eye, just a lot of random passion. It’s aesthetically not pleasing.

Finally, James Wigderson discovers a little campaign wisdom in Star Wars.
Michael Kors: What was George Lucas thinking with all those heavy clothes on a desert planet?
Nina Garcia: He lost sight of who the client was. He wanted a look, and ended up making the hero look ridiculous.

Thanks Michael and Nina.

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