Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Rabbit revenge


The hounds were at it again the other night. I let my dogs out for the last time before finishing my column and going to bed. We have a fenced-in yard, so they just run out and then when they’re ready to come in I just open the back door.

On this return trip my Siberian Husky had a dead rabbit in her mouth. Once again some rabbit tried to take a short cut through the yard and didn’t quite make it. The two dogs often work together – one herds, one kills – and the rabbits usually don’t stand a chance.

I ordered the Husky to drop her prey and then ordered the dogs inside, intending on taking care of Br’er Rabbit in the morning. While standing in the kitchen, the Husky started shaking her head. Did the rabbit scratch her? Was she getting another ear infection? I walked up to her and grabbed her face to check for scratches and to look in her ears. I saw the problem immediately – fleas.

The lovely Doreen and I found ourselves at 11:30 PM giving the dogs instant flea baths because of a stupid rabbit. So if my column was a bit late to the editors, blame it on the fleas.

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