Monday, November 20th, 2017

Rasmussen’s Robots Da Do Ron Ron


Rasmussen is out with their fourth and final poll of the Wisconsin race for US Senate. Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson is still leading Senator Russ Feingold 53% to 46%.

If a senate candidate is polling less than 50% this late in the game, and his opponent is polling over 50%, then it’s pretty much a lock.

Ways Feingold could still win:

1) Smallville could have another meteor shower
2) President Barack Obama could endorse Johnson
3) St Norbert Poll could be accurate
4) no, that’s about it

Tomorrow Rasmussen will be out with their poll in the governor’s race and we’ll see if Bagdhad Bob has been doing the polling for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, too. His campaign sent out an e-mail yesterday claiming the race was essentially tied.

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