Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Reilly misses opportunity to give Christmas list to Santa


I’m going to tell you a secret. State Sen Paul Farrow has candy in his basement. Lots of candy. In fact, four out of five dentists strongly recommend you do not venture into his basement.  The fifth dentist wants you as a patient.

Farrow has more candy in his basement than the Easter Bunny. It’s the tornado shelter for Candy Land.

Why does he have so much candy? It’s because Farrow attends lots of parades.

I’m not just saying this to pick on Farrow, although he is corrupting America’s youth and completely undermining Michelle Obama. I’m just pointing out that some politicians work harder than others, and do a better job of keeping track of community events.

Which brings me to the Waukesha Christmas Parade. Unfortunately the news that Mayor Shawn Reilly is not attending the Christmas Parade reached me after I submitted a column for the Waukesha Freeman this week.

Reilly explained to the Waukesha Freeman that he will be in New Orleans instead for the Po Boy festival, and that he got his dates mixed up. I don’t know what disappoints me more: that Reilly will not be at the Christmas Parade, or that he is not taking me with him.

Reilly also says that he has the next three Christmas Parades already on his calendar.  I hope so. The parade is the same weekend every year. It really isn’t that hard to put the parade on the schedule in advance.

No, it’s not the biggest crisis the city will face, not even this year. But one of the main responsibilities of a mayor, or any public official, is to serve as a civic ceremonial leader. Somebody has to be the Grand Poobah at a meeting of the local Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge. Somebody has to wear the Mayor McCheese sash in the McDonalds cookie box. Somebody has to actually show up for these things, otherwise it’s just Inspector Kemp with a merry band of pitchfork and torch carriers.

So while it will not affect the city budget one dime, or affect Farrow’s aim when he’s throwing candy hard enough to maim the local Democrats, our city government’s highest representative at the biggest civic function of the year should not be the city administrator. (And why is he in the parade?)

I know Reilly feels terrible that he’s missing the Christmas parade. I suspect it will take several Hurricanes and Pina Coladas before the guilty feeling is washed away.

It only took three years of jokes and comments to get former Mayor Jeff Scrima to attend the parade. I suspect it will not take similar prodding to see Reilly show up next year. But if the conflict in his schedule occurs next year, I will happily take Reilly’s place in New Orleans.

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