Friday, November 24th, 2017

Repeal of minimum mark-up for drugs moves to the Senate


The repeal of the minimum mark-up for drugs passed Wisconsin’s State Assembly today.  AB 482 now moves to the Senate.  State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha), who has been very active in trying to repeal the state’s minimum mark-up laws, issued the following statement:

Longtime Advocate of Unfair Sales Act Repeal Hails Passage of Repeal on Prescription Drugs

Legislation will lead to lower prices on medications

Madison, WI – State Representative Bill Kramer (R‐Waukesha) today hailed the Assembly passage of AB 482, legislation that would repeal the provisions of the Unfair Sales Act that prohibit the below‐cost sale of prescription drugs.

The Unfair Sales Act, generally, prohibits the sale of any good at below‐cost, and also calls for statutorily required price increases on gasoline, alcohol, and tobacco.

AB 482, authored by State Representative Jon Richards (D‐Milwaukee), will allow retailers to offer popular $4 prescription drug programs that currently are illegal but enjoyed by other states that aren’t hamstrung by archaic, economically discredited laws.

“I am happy to support this legislation and am excited at the prospect of it moving one step closer to becoming law. I have authored similar legislation with Representatives Leah Vukmir (R‐Wauwatosa), Jason Fields (D‐Milwaukee), and Senator Tim Carpenter (D‐Milwaukee) that would repeal the entire Unfair Sales Act, or Minimum Markup Law, and hope that this legislation will pave the way for more aggressive reforms that allow greater consumer choice, lower prices, and greater competition and flexibility between retailers.

“AB 482 is a great first step in providing Wisconsinites the relief they need from increasing prescription drug prices and I hope the State Senate acts in haste to move this legislation to Governor Doyle’s desk, who has previously indicated that he would support repeal of the Unfair Sales Act.

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