Friday, November 24th, 2017

Ribble in residence


Normally I’m the first to complain when a legislator no longer resides in their district. I think that it’s important that for someone to serve in elective office that they actually live among their constituents who voted for them.

So when Congressman Reid Ribble moved “outside his district” to his longtime home, I took note. However, let’s look at the real situation here.

It’s not like he’s moving into a district just to run. If Democrats had that complaint, they should have made it in 2010 when Ribble was first elected. Then he moved into the district and put his house up for sale. Voters elected him anyway.

Now he’s moving within what is the district now that redistricting has been approved. That’s right. He’s living in a house in the district where he currently serves and where he will run for re-election.

Of course, his previous residence was also in the district while the house he owned was not. But as has been made clear, the house didn’t sell, it’s in the district, and he’s decided to move back in. I know, it’s a shocking scandal.

If this is what causes Democrats to have the vapors, they’re going to be suffering quite a few spells in the next few months.

For example, State Representative Fred Kessler (D) has already announced that he will move rather than allow redistricting force him into an election contest with State Representative Don Pridemore. State Senator Robert Wirch (D) is also planning on moving to keep his senate seat because of redistricting. That they’re planning on moving for crass, personal ambition and political motives should cause Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate seizures and fits for months. I personally cannot wait to see Graeme Zielinski chain himself to the Wirch residence mailbox, chanting, “Hell no, you can’t go!”

Perhaps State Senator Lena Taylor should demand a statewide boycott of U-Haul.

By the way, I think a Democratic Party spokesman like Graeme Zielinski who uses the term “carpetbagger” has to either be completely tone-deaf to the historical connotation of the word, especially in relation to the Democratic Party, or is just plain ignorant of history. Given Zielinski’s other wild statements, I’d suggest medication and therapy before the party lets this public embarrassment speak in public on its behalf again. (The Democratic party does offer medical insurance to its employees, right?)

In the meantime, if I were Ribble, I’d be concerned about Zielinski organizing a cross-burning.

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