Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Ruth Page Jones’ campaign fund has an unexplained loan and incurred obligation


What is Ruth Page Jones spending money on?  She ran for the State Assembly against Bill Kramer in 2008 and lost.  She’s kept her campaign finance reports up to date, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out the “incurred obligation” of  $8,075.40.

Her January 2009 report showed an incurred obligation of $5,861.85 to Chase Bank PO Box 94014, Palatine, IL 60094 (credit card) and a cash-on-hand balance of $4,268.68 with no outstanding loans.

Her July 2009 report showed she raised $1,700.00 (from herself).  She had total disbursements of $5,920.85, with all but $19.00 to Chase Card Services.  She had $47.83 left over.  No incurred obligations, no loans.  Looks pretty good.

But then in the January 2010 report, she’s showing an incurred obligation of $8,075.40 and a loan of $16,500.00.  However, there’s no explanation of whom the loan is from or what is the incurred obligation.

It did not go to the campaign’s bottom line or show up in new expenses.  Of the $47.83 she had from the last report, she spent $40.00 at the post office and showed a new cash-on-hand of $7.83.  That’s it for the campaign’s activities.

If anyone else wants to take a look at it, you can go to the GAB campaign website.  Just type Page Jones in the registrant name and click search.

Ruth Page Jones is currently the President of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools.

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