Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Schimel standing up to bully Bloomberg


The Wigderson media empire continues to grow. This week over at, I am in the Watchdog Arena with an op-ed on why Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel is not too concerned about billionaire former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is dumping over $400,000 in ads in the Milwaukee and Madison media markets. Bloomberg is unhappy because Schimel is suing the EPA over President Barack Obama’s so-called Clean Power Plan. As I explain in the article, Schimel shouldn’t be too concerned about soda-nanny Bloomberg spending the campaign cash.

Given Bloomberg’s past failure in Wisconsin, and his recent defeat in Virginia where he spent more than $2.4 million, you would think he would be dissuaded from wasting more money. There should be a carbon tax on Bloomberg’s campaign spending the way he’s burning through cash.

So please click over to the Watchdog Arena site and let them know that you like me, you really like me. Or if you’re a typical leftist make sure you tell them I suck, that you are going to boycott them and you hope they’re all sent to re-education camps some day (sorry, “sensitivity training”). “More Wiggy, no peace!”

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