Monday, November 20th, 2017

Scrima is lying again


I just read Mayor Jeff Scrima’s latest attempt to explain his position on the water application. The mayor presents no alternative to Lake Michigan water. None. That is not surprising since he has never asked the water commission or the common council to consider any reasonable alternative to Waukesha water.

When Scrima says there are alternatives in the application itself, he is lying. Repeat after me. The mayor is lying. The “alternatives” are options that were considered, researched, and rejected as being too costly, unreliable, and do not provide long term safe water alternatives.

It’s interesting to see the mayor mention the $164 million price for Lake Michigan water when he does not mention that the one alternative he has attached his name to in the past would cost $319 million, if it was even feasible.

When Scrima says the application does not take into account rate increases by the city of Milwaukee, Scrima is lying. Let’s repeat that again for the slow-reading Scrima supporters. Scrima is lyyyyyiiiinnnngggg. Lying like a rug in his near vacant home. Future rate increases are anticipated in the plan. Anyone who says otherwise either was sleeping during Duchniak’s presentations, or is lying. Since I have never seen Scrima fall asleep at a council meeting, since he has the application to read at his leisure, and since he serves on the city’s water commission so none of this information is new to him, the mayor is lying.

One more time in case the mayor has any credibility left with anyone. He is lying. If this were Politifact, Scrima would earn the coveted Pants on Fire rating, and really deserve it.

When the mayor says there are economic consequences and environmental consequences to hooking up to Lake Michigan water, he is not mentioning that any alternative plan would have far worse consequences for Waukesha economically and environmentally. But to mention what he knows to be true would undermine his continued lies about the water application.

In other words, by purposely omitting the truth, the mayor is lying.

By the way, before Scrima fans get too excited about Luther’s departure, they do understand that the water application is still going forward? That the Common Council isn’t going to suddenly change their minds? That the logic supporting the application is still there? That Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak is still there?





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