Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Shawn Reilly responds to Mayor Scrima’s false claims


Local attorney and mayoral candidate Shawn Reilly responded on Facebook to Mayor Jeff Scrima’s attempt to hide his real record:

Waukesha deserves a better Mayor.

Our present mayor takes credit for keeping taxes flat, entering into the agreement with Oak Creek, creating jobs and improving roads.

As for keeping taxes flat, our present mayor neglects to mention that he did not attend the meetings of the Finance Committee that did all of the hard work that created our last four budgets. This is not leadership. If he was not a participant, he should not claim credit.

Our present mayor tells us that he is responsible for the level taxes because he vetoed the budget 3 times. These surprise veto’s were done after the CC had done all of its work. Our present mayor would then refuse to tell the Common council which items in the budget to cut. For him to say he was responsible is irresponsible.

Our present mayor implies that he was responsible for entering into the agreement with Oak Creek. He does not mention that he was opposed to Oak Creek because “he drove to Oak Creek and it was too far.” Our present mayor now says he was never opposed to obtaining Lake Michigan water, just opposed to obtaining water through Milwaukee. In his last campaign it was his position however that Lake Michigan water was not an option.

Our present mayor does not tell you that we need to show the Governors of 8 states that we have no other viable water alternatives. He still states there are alternatives. Our present mayor is the absolute worst person to represent Waukesha before these 8 governors.

Our present mayor said he doubled the City’s investment in road restoration. What he does not tell us is that Alderman Payne and Pieper spearheaded this and convinced the Common Council to increase the amount of money going towards road work. Our present mayor also does not tell us that the City has a $130 million backlog in needed road work. The present spending rate will barely make a dent in this backlog.

Our present mayor claims he is responsible for creating 700 new jobs. Our present mayor does not tell us that most of these jobs were already in the pipeline before he was elected.

Our present mayor should not be telling us that he is responsible for keeping taxes low, for Lake Michigan Water, for road restoration and for job creation.

Waukesha deserves a Mayor that won’t mislead us.

Please vote for Shawn Reilly on February 18th.

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