Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Sheridan not a resident of his district


The hits just keep on coming to Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan. He’s a representative temporarily without a district

Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan is not living in the district he represents but plans to return as soon as possible, a spokeswoman said Friday.

The change in addresses is the result of a pending divorce between Sheridan and his wife, spokeswoman Rebekah Sweeney said.

“He is absent with the intent to return as soon as possible,” she said.

State law requires a lawmaker to live in the Assembly district he or she represents. A government accountability board spokesperson said the law permits a temporary absence as long as the lawmaker intends to move back into the district.

Sheridan and his wife had been living on Nantucket Drive on the city’s far east side. In the divorce proceeding, the couple have stipulated that the wife will live on Nantucket and Sheridan will live at 4244 Ruger Ave., a home the couple owns that is not in Sheridan’s 44th Assembly District. (ht: Owen)

Maybe instead of moving, Sheridan should just run in the primary against Chuck Benedict. I bet that would go over well with his caucus.


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