Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Silly Neumann debate tricks


Former Congressman Mark Neumann is trailing in the polls, so he does what candidates traditionally do when they’re way behind. They call for more debates. But the reason Neumann gives for having more debates is thoroughly disingenuous.

Neumann unveiled his first ad Tuesday in the race for U.S. Senate and said in a news conference he’d like to see all the Republicans participate in more debates.

“I’d like to see a debate in every major media market,” Neumann said. “That’s the only way you offset all the other things in the race (from third-party groups).”

To what outside groups or parties is Neumann referring? Club for Growth? Senator Jim DeMint? The Citizens United Political Victory Fund?

The only reason Neumann is still a viable candidate is because of possible spending by outside groups, and no other candidate benefits as much from their national endorsements as Neumann.

Eric Hovde is not relying on third party spending in the primary. Former Governor Tommy Thompson is not relying on third party spending.

For Neumann to claim he wants to drown out outside groups spending on the election with debates is just ridiculous, and it is part of the pattern of dishonesty that has been the character of the Neumann campaign.

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